Al Hash (Al Khash ) Mountain ( Jabal Al Hash) Scrambling and Hiking Tour

Al Hash (Al Khash ) Mountain ( Jabal Al Hash) Scrambling and Hiking Tour
Tour Name  Jabal Al Hash (Al Hash Mountain) Scrambling and Hiking Tour
Tour Code  J-H-T
Tour Starts  10.00 am
Tour Ends  any time after it finishes or the next day morning time (i.e : 09 -10 am)
Duration  07 - 08 hrs approx. 


Tour Plan / Itinerary / Sites to visit : 

When you arrive the visitors center you should buy your ticket costs 5 JD per person and from there you should let the staff of the visitors center call our guide . Our guide will meet you at the visitors center if you dont have a car or  if you have a car , you will meet him at the Wadi Rum Guest/Rest House .... 

From Wadi Rum Village, We will drive you directly to Alhash mountain where we will have a 5 hours hiking in crossing the mountain. Your hiking and scrambling guide will be with you to escort you the way and to provide all of the necessary equipment.

This is an simple climb. This route is very exciting with some incredible views. We will start scrambling from the eastern side of the mountain and cross the valley when we arrive the top is 1700m above sea level you will see the differences between colours of the desert mountains and sands. Then we will down from the other side of the mountain. When we get down we will have the lunch and Bedouin tea with a rest. Then we will take you to the three arches in Wadi Rum desert: Burdah Rock bridge ( the biggest arch in the desert), Um frouth rock bridge, which you can climb it, and the little bridge. 


- Then  Enjoy the Sunset , BBQ Dinner & Overnight at our Bedouin Camp (In case of staying at our Bedouin Camp ) 


The next day after breakfast, we'll drive you back to Rum Village, or you can ride a camel back to town. (25 JD per camel as optional).

If you arrive in Wadi Rum late in the afternoon, you can alternatively take your tour the next morning after breakfast.


*Starting time for this tour is 10:00 AM. If you arrive late you can do the tour in the next day after staying the overnight at our camp.




* Rate Below in case of Without/No Overnight & Overnight at Our Bedouin Camp : 

Rate Per Person sharing Double / Twin / Tent or Tour in Private Tour 
Rate Option/Overnight / Plan  01 PAX 02 PAX 03-04 PAX 05-06 PAX 07 PAX & More
Rate Without/No Overnight 90 JD 55 JD 45 JD 30 JD Contact Us
Overnight at our Bedouin Camp 120 JD 80 JD 55 JD 40 JD Contact Us



Other options for overnight stay,  Please request us for any below plan/category : 

- Rate for Sleeping Under the Stars (BIVOUAC CAMPING)

- Rate at Rahayeb/Captain/Beit Ali Camp 

- Rate at the Sun City or Wadi Rum Night (Luxury) Camp 

- Rate with upgrades at Bubble Tents (Wadi Rum Night) or Dome Tents (Sun City Camp) 



*Rate Includes :
-All transfers from the visitors center / Wadi Rum Village  & Back 
- Hiking and scrambling guide with a jeep tour
- Box-Lunch or Bedouin Lunch 
- Mineral Water , Bedouin Hospitality of Tea , Coffee , Juice ...etc 
- Overnight at our Bedouin camp in case of overnight 

**** Please note that in case of tours of No Overnight , the rate includes :
( All transfers from the visitors center / Wadi Rum Village  & Back  + Jee
p & Hiking and scrambling guide with a jeep tour +  Box-Lunch/Bedouin Lunch +  Mineral Water , Bedouin Hospitality of Tea , Coffee , Juice ...etc )
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*Rate options for rates listed above : 
* Rates listed above are per person in J.D (Jordan Dinar) in private tour or sharing Double / Twin / Triple Tent 


* Extra / Optional Tours 
* Camel Ride / Tour is optional for 10 J.D per camel per hour 

* Balloon Ride and tour in Wadi Rum :

Take a bird's eye view of the beautiful scenery of the majestic mountains in Wadi Rum by 

climbing into a hot air balloon. Be it an indulgence for yourself or a surprise gift for a loved 

one, a hot air balloon ride is a unique experience. Balloon flights typically take place during the

early morning hours and last for around one hour, but guests should allow 2 to 3 hours for the

whole experience. Balloon Ride and tour in Wadi Rum for 01 hour is available from the early

morning ( 06:00 am – 07:00 am) for 130 JD / $ 185 USD per person (Booking should be in

advance) – For more activities, please visit the RASCJ’S Website

( )

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*Notes , Terms & Conditions and Payment Methods : 
- The Rates listed above are with or without overnight (In case of NO overnight , the rate includes the sightseeing/activity & box-lunch/Lunch only.
-Payment upon arrival by cash in J.D (Jordan Dinar) or USD $ , Please prepare your cash in advance, not ATMs in Wadi Rum and we dont accept credit cards in Wadi Rum .
- You dont need to bring the sleeping bags or others equipments for camping , please bring your heavy jackets in Winter and light jackets in Summer 
- Please check the FAQs about Wadi Rum & its tour and here is the link :
- Accommodation & tours in Wadi Rum is subject to availability

- 4x4s in Wadi Rum are old vehicles (no A/C) and belong to the local Bedouin association. The vehicles in Wadi Rum are owned by the local Bedouin associations and are in a poor state. Given that we don't have any other choice when it comes to transportation in Wadi Rum, we can only advise our clients about their state.

- You walk several km in Petra, so bear in mind good walking shoes and a backpack for beverage, camera etc.

- For camping in Wadi Rum, please bring a flashlight for your overnight in Wadi Rum. Moreover, bringing a small rucksack will allow you to take only the clothes you need for the overnight in the desert, so you can avoid having to carry a big piece of luggage into your tent. Your locked luggage can be safely kept in the boot of your vehicle if you wish, Please bring a jacket or a warm sweater, as nights can be cold in Wadi Rum throughout the year, also bring suitable boots or sandals for walking on sand.

- If you are interested in transfers to/from Wadi Rum , from Petra , Aqaba , Eilat Border , Aqaba Port, Aqaba Airport , Amman , Dead Sea ...etc , please request us for that .

- Where to park : If you travel by car to Wadi Rum you can park your vehicle in Rum Village, 6km after the Visitor’s Centre where our guide/representative will welcome you. This parking is located at the Tourist Police site and is a safe spot to leave your car, where all tourists park their cars ... 

- How to meet our guide : We will send you our instructions of how to meet our guide in Wadi Rum (The contact of the guide + useful instructions ...etc )

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*How to book with us : 
* You can send an email to ( ) with the following details : 

1- Your Name : 
2- Nationality :
3- Number of persons : 
4- If you have children , how many and their ages : 
5- Arrival Date : 
6- Arrival Time approx. : 
7- Your Mobile Number for emergency : 
8- Do you have whatsapp for communication , if so what is your number  : 
9- How you will come to Wadi Rum :  by a taxi you want to arrange , by bus or you will have a rent a car that you will driver by yourself/yourselves :
10- Your Tour Code or the tour Name as in the website : 
11- If your tour is customized , please specify it , if not customized , write (N/A) :
12 -Your tour with or without Overnight ? 
13- If with overnight , what is your preferred stay ( write "yes" beside/where it matches) : 
        * Our Bedouin camp : 
        * Sleeping Under the stars :
        * Sun City Camp: 
        * Wadi Rum Night : 
        * Upgraded tent "Bubble/Full of stars at Wadi Rum Night : 
        * Upgraded tent to Dome at the Sun City Camp :
        * Others , Please mention : 
14- Interested in other extras or optional ? like camel ride , Hot Air Balloon , please write it down : 
15 - Do you have special request/comments ...etc : 

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