Responsible Travel

Responsible Travel

Responsibe Travel


Travel offers a raft of benefits to the communities, cities and countries we visit, as well as to the travellers who explore with us. These include economic benefits and an increased cultural awareness. However, these must be closely managed to mitigate any negative effects on the local environment and people.

At  Jordan Horizons Travel we are committed to following and continually developing responsible travel practices both on the road and in our Amman and Petra offices. At Jordan Horizons Travel, we actively promote responsible travel practices within the company and to our travellers and suppliers.

Our mission is to offer young travellers the holiday of a lifetime without it costing the earth. Our trips are delivered in a professional, caring and responsible manner ensuring we are the global leaders in youth travel.

People and Communities


  • We use local guides for city and site tours
  • We make sure passengers understand and respect cultural difference when engaging with indigenous and local communities
  • We use local and family-run businesses, accommodation and services wherever possible
  • Our supplies and equipment are purchased locally wherever possible
  • We aim to treat travellers, local communities and businesses in a fair and just manner


  • We operate a 'take only pictures, leave only footprints' policy at sites of natural, historical and cultural significance
  • We encourage recycling of waste wherever possible
  • We are efficient in our use of natural resources
  • We aim to leave campsites in better condition than we find them
  • Our vehicle fleet is managed to minimise environmental impact
  • Group coach travel has a smaller carbon footprint than other forms of transport such as flying or self-driving
  • We aim to work with companies that share our commitment to environmental responsibility


  • Staff are encouraged to participate in company fundraising efforts
  • Recycling programmes are in place in both offices


Here at  Jordan Horizons Travel  we regard charitable activities as an important part of our social responsibility. We actively encourage staff to take part in these activities and suggest new causes for us to get behind. 

We are currently on the hunt for an official  Jordan Horizons charity; one that fits with the Jordan Horizons   philosophy and that our staff and travellers will be proud to support. If you have a charity close to your heart that you think would fit well with our philosophy, please feel free to send us your recommendation to  Jordan Horizons Travel  -charity.