Trail 5 : Jabal Haroun – Aaron’s Mountain Trail

Trail 5 : Jabal Haroun – Aaron’s Mountain Trail
Trail/Tour Itinerary : 
Trail Duration  06-08 Hours*
Trail Distance  10 KM 
Grade/Level  Difficult ++
Start (Point) Main Gate / Visitors Center
End (Point) Mount Haroun or Back to the Middle Petra from there 


Jabal Haroun – Aaron’s Mountain – is the holiest site in Petra and one of the holiest in Jordan, venerated by Muslims as the resting place of Prophet Haroun, as well as by Christians and Jews (Haroun is Aaron, brother of Moses). Some local resistance to tourists casually climbing the mountain simply for the views, or to gawk, still persists: you should bear in mind that this is a place of pilgrimage. The trip there and back takes at least six hours from Petra city centre, involving a strenuous climb of almost 500m (a donkey can take you for all but the last twenty minutes), and you shouldn’t attempt it without a guide, six to eight litres of water, some food, respectable clothing and a sense of humility. Don’t bother if you’re expecting an impressive shrine (it’s small and unremarkable) or outstanding views (they’re equally good from the Monastery and Umm al-Biyara). If you choose to visit, you should consider bringing a sum of money with you to leave as a donation.


Number of Persons  Rate for all /Per group / NO PER PERSON 
1-6 Persons  $ 240


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