Treasury Point of View

Treasury Point of View
Petra from the Top (Treasury Point of View)
Trail/Tour Itinerary : 
Start from the Main Gate of Petra to Djinn blocks, the Obelisk Tomb and Bab Al Siq, walk through Al Madras Mountain through secret way to watch the Siq from the top, Jabal Al jilf, Danour Al khaznah, Treasury view point.
Next trek to the High Place of Sacrifice, hike through Wadi Nmayr, hike through Wadi Farsa Route, to the Renaissance Tomb, Broken Pediment Tomb, Roman Solider Tomb and colored Triclinium, the Garden Temple, visit the Lions Fountain.
Climb to the High Place of Sacrifice, Then follow the Route down to the outer Siq back to the Main gate.